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And thus, the harsh lesson of spamming

Receiving a harsh email is never a nice thing.

And here comes the painful lesson of spamming. Or, more specifically, the difference between spamming and information dissemination.

I obtained that email through random Google searches, and well, the information is there, in public. So, of course, I took the opportunity to promote an event we are organising.

And we got that email.

You see, I have always had this mentality that we should spread information to as many people as possible. There will be people who will hate it, those who wouldn’t mind, and those who would appreciate a new piece of information. My goal is to reach to that small percentage who would appreciate it. (Well, coming to think of it, this might be exactly what the scammers advertising sex items or committing frauds might be thinking as well… Oops.).

Of course, one might argue that emails are private mailboxes and if one would want new information, they would subscribe to sites such as Digg, or Reddit to receive such emails. But, I felt  then, that we wouldn’t approach the majority who are uninitiated or in the know.

Sigh, anyway, after an intensive Skype discussion with my fellow organiser, I have since reconciled that it was wrong and unethical to spread information via the email. Sigh, heavens.

I guess, this is the problem of me simplifying things again. Why must communication be so complicated?

So, lesson to be learned here: No matter how readily accessible contacts are today because of the lack of Internet security, I shouldn’t take advantage of that fact and impose information to their emails. There is a restriction to information dissemination in the world of cyberspace.

As a sidenote, I still don’t understand why people get so angry about small matters like this… but, well, that’s another matter altogether.

I’m signing off this post with Smash Mouth’s ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?’. I’m thinking if people are nice to everyone, we wouldn’t have fraud spam and emails like these in the first place. A far-fetched future that I’ll just keep dreaming for.


One thought on “And thus, the harsh lesson of spamming

  1. I feel your pain. I have the same concerns promoting my book as well. While my “spam” is on topic with regard to people’s profession or interest, my email is probably not well received. =/

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