What to do… when you are extremely stressed!

I had this overwhelming urge yesterday to yell at my juniors’ extremely pessimistic meeting. The fact that I almost did, impelled me to find healthier outlets to vent out my overwhelming frustration and stress.

I’m under a lot of stress now. I’ve already put aside my ambition to build up the student organization but I still have tonnes of deadlines to work with. With assignments due on the 6th June, 3 market reports due next week, a very important presentation on the 9th June, meetings on the 10th June, a very important event on the 15th June (and thus, lots of organizing to do, including DESPERATELY searching for a venue), more assignments due by the 29th, my need to pack up before the 29th June. Ahhhhh! I definitely need outlets to vent out my frustration.

I’m only one person, how much can I do?

Anyway, somehow, I constantly land in this kind of situations where I put too much work on my shoulders. This is a familiar situation to me ever since entering the university when I was 19.

Thus, I have almost perfected my de-stress plan which goes like:

  • Totally avoiding people I dislike, because why do I want to aggravate my already disastrous mood
  • Listening to alternative pop-rock such as World Behind My Wall by Tokio Hotel, goth-rock.
  • Writing or penning down my thoughts and frustrations help me a lot too. I cannot imagine a day without my pen and notebook.
  • On the other side of the spectrum, a calming relaxing walk to enjoy nature or listening to beautiful instrumentals works too.
  • Seeing pretty or cute pictures really makes me happy too. For example, staring at my cute cat. “Ain’t it cute?”
  • If the above methods fail to elevate my dark mood, crying helps a lot. 😀

I do feel that when I’m stressed, my mood is very unpredictable. So, I tend to stay away from people to avoid putting them in awkward situations when on one time, I am bubbly and happy, and just like magic, I become quiet and solemn.

Well, that’s that about today, this week, in general. Whew, writing DOES help. I’m cheery again 😀


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