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Recommended book of the year: Jay Carter – Nasty People

I realized today that I needed to find positive ways to divert my ill-feelings towards certain people in my life. For a healthy mind and soul.

No matter how unjust they have treated my friends and I; or how unreasonable (and irrational) they have been, I have to learn to be more patient and take the higher road towards being a better and more peaceful human being.

Thus, I’m making a vow to read this book. This book has great reviews about how to get too emotionally affected by these nasty people. I hope by reading it, I can also understand about why are these nasty people nasty? Are they happy to be nasty? It’d be great if I can help them be nicer people.

Anyway, this is a book I’ll definitely read (after reading Pamela Chasek & et al. – Global Environmental Politics), and if you are in the same boat with me, you’d do well to read it too!


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