Introducing Rustle the Leaf!

A very well-designed environmental comic. Extremely funny too. It’s time that there’s a comic such as this for the environment! One of the funny ones talked about the irony of bleaching paper to make it white and clean, but at the same time, browning and polluting the environment instead.

I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to insert a few into my internship presentation coming up next week. 😀


4 thoughts on “Introducing Rustle the Leaf!

  1. I truly do love this comic strip. I even started a blog about it the other day at rustlecomic.blospot.com . I am also doing an internship and my work deals with improving the publicity of Rustle the Leaf and renew its true brilliance throughout the country.

  2. I love Rustle the Leaf, I keep telling my friends about it so to pass it on, I think it’s the best way to get people to realize in what situation we’re in.

    • Yup, I agree. In one comic strip, Rustle said that the truly smart environmentalist will inform people, and make it fun in the same time. So, this idea is very good. And, the design is very good too.

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