TEDxLappis: Inspire, listen, persevere & revolutionize!

As our contribution to TEDxStockholm week, we organised TEDxLappis today.

TEDxLappis introduced TED to a small group in the student residence, Lappkärrsberget, by sharing four well-selected TED videos. TEDxLappis also served as our leading-up event to our TEDx conference in June 15, TEDxMälaren.

For TEDxLappis, we screened talks by music conductor, Benjamin Zander; planet-walker and environmentalist, John Francis; magician, David Blaine; and world-renowned chef, Jamie Oliver.

Each speaker told different stories, taught different lessons, but they shared something in
common with every other TED speakers: They were passionate for their ideas, and with sparkling bright eyes, they move us to tears, to laughter, and most importantly, to think.

The following were my take-back messages from their talks. But, I truly recommend watching their talks. (I’ve provided links to their videos in the TED website).

Benjamin Zander:
1. We should always strive to awaken possibilities in other people. To see the passion light up in their eyes. To continually ask ourselves, “Who am I being that my or other people’s eyes are not shining?”.
2. What we say makes a lot of difference to other people. We should always strive to not say anything bad to anyone as–who knows–it could well be the very last thing we say to that person. The cruel thing about life is, life only travels in a straight line. Regrets won’t change anything.

John Francis:
1. We should stop and listen.
2. We should always strive to leave the comfort zone to achieve more. “We have to become activists!”
3. “We are the environment. How we treat ourselves and each other is really how we are going to treat the environment”. So, treat people well, treat Mother Earth and other living beings well, and the world will definitely be a better place for all of us in the present and the future.

David Blaine:
1. “Magic is all about practicing, training, experimenting, and pushing through the pain to become he is.”

He was talking about how he became successful in the art of magic (or in this sense, becoming aware of self), but, I think it’s really applicable in everything. To be successful, do we not go through the same thing? Hard work, dedication to learn and improve, and perseverance.
2. We should always challenge our personal limitations. Nothing is impossible. We can make the impossible possible with sheer determination, and ignoring all the ‘No’ from people.

Jamie Oliver:
1. It is time for a food revolution, be it in main-stream food corporations, schools and homes.
2. His wish is “to create a strong, sustainable movement to teach children about food, to bring back home-cooking, and to empower people to fight obesity”. A very admirable cause.

His talk reminded me of  Michael Pollan’s ‘In Defense of Food’. A book that combined anthropology, culture,  and science to introduce sustainable eating. A very good book by a very accomplished science journalist.

All in all, it was another interesting night. TED has a great cause to share ideas worth spreading, and I hope I have done my part to share the knowledge I have gained tonight in my own personal way.


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